EFS’s on-demand software understands the complexities of delivering Software as a Service in a multi-customer environment, helping automate virtually all aspects of your business. EFS SaaS provides a blend of Hardware, Software, Networks and Business Services to enable multi-party workflow-based applications that need to be shared by thousands of companies on a daily basis.

All of the applications are managed from a central location instead of at each user’s individual location, allowing modifications and troubleshooting to be accomplished quickly by the application vendor and eliminating the need for end-user upgrades.

As the demands and requirements of the logistics industry continue to grow, it is imperative that freight forwarders and 3PLs not only manage the physical movement of the goods through the supply chain but also the information. EFS provides a robust intuitive platform that works across all transportation modes removing the complexity of supply chain management. EFS’s suite of products covers the supply chain including a Transportation Management System (TMS), E-Freight Application and Logistics modules.

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